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Tools and Techniques for delivering training online

Date: Saturday 30th May Time: 2 pm GMT Speaker: Russell Stannard Talk info In this Russell will highlight the key tools and techniques needed to deliver effective and efficient online teacher training courses. Focusing on only the key technologies, Russell will highlight how he has managed to run successful online courses both as part of NILE as well as within his own organisation www.teachertrainingvideos.com. A talk packed full of ideas covering not only the delivery of online teacher training courses but also issues such as assessment, feedback, group dynamics and much more. Bio Russell Stannard is the founder of www.teachertrainingvideos.com a website that [...]

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Supporting teachers who use textbooks to ‘think curricularly’

Date: Saturday 14th March Time: 4pm GMT Speaker: Kathleen Graves Title: Supporting teachers who use textbooks to 'think curricularly'   Abstract: In this webinar we will explore how to help teachers who use a required textbook to ‘think curricularly’—to understand the dynamic relationship between lessons, units, and the wider curriculum, and the central role they play in making curriculum decisions on a daily basis.  We will first look at activities in which teachers unpack the relationship between lessons, units and the overarching curriculum—that they are ‘fractals’, each involving similar curriculum processes such as needs analysis, goal setting, organizing content, and assessment, but at different [...]

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Effective Monkey Management in the ELT Classroom

Date: Saturday 25th January Time: 3 pm GMT Speaker: Jaber Kamali  Title: Effective Monkey Management in the ELT Classroom Abstract: Nowadays, the significance of implementing a learner-centered approach to ELT classroom management is widely accepted (Waters, 1998). ‘Monkey management’ – the correct assignment of responsibility for the next step in a problem-solving process (Blanchard et al. 1990) –  is an important means of achieving this, however, has not received the attention it deserves. Thus, this webinar intends to put this concept into the spotlight. To this end, the webinar will start with elaborating on the monkey concept and its implication [...]

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Cancelled Webinar

Unfortunately, the webinar session entitled "Tools for trainees: How to help teachers in training identify their learners’ weaknesses" which was originally planned for 25th January has had to be cancelled. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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IATEFL 2020 TTEd SIG-Trends in teacher training: The needs of trainers in different contexts

Trends in teacher training: The needs of trainers in different contexts TTEdSIG invites trainers from around the world to a day filled with engaging topics on current trends in teacher training, as we aim to help trainers apply new insights into the particular needs and constraints of their training contexts. This year’s PCE is featuring five prominent members of our ELT community, Penny Ur, Sue Garton, Kathleen Graves, Russell Stannard and Briony Beaven. Our remarkable line of speakers will share their knowledge, experience and thoughts with the teacher trainers and educators. Our PCE participants will be able to discuss pertinent [...]

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Team Training

  Team Training   Objectives (of the activity): To observe and share best practice by team training a teacher workshop.   Materials: Possibly your school/centre’s feedback form.   As teacher trainers and educators, we may consider observing teachers teaching and offering subsequent feedback to be an essential aspect of our role. We may also recommend that teachers carry out some form of peer observation as part of their own self-development. However, how often do we have the opportunity or time to observe other trainers or educators in order to develop our own practice? An effective way to solve the problem [...]

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Socratic Seminars in Teacher Training

Objectives (of the activity): By the end of the activity the participants are expected to develop an understanding of major problems in the education system, discuss specific examples in detail, listen to cases unfamiliar to them, inquire into others’ experiences, suggest and discuss solutions from multiple aspects. Materials: The activity can be designed based on the participants’ anecdotes, education related movies, TED talks or articles. Procedure: Socratic Seminars are suitable for experienced, novice or preservice teachers. They are simple discussion circles that centre on critical thinking where participants question others comments in a non-confrontational way in order to better understand [...]

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IATEFL 2020 TTEd SIG PCE- Briony Beaven

Briony Beaven is another speaker for our upcoming IATEFL TTEd SIG Pre Conference Event with the theme: "Trends in teacher training: The needs of trainers in different contexts". Here are the details about Briony's talk. You wouldn't want to miss it 🙂 Abstract:Training needs of experienced teacher trainers Experienced teacher trainers’ needs vary considerably and so the most powerful impetus to growth may lie in the provision of space and time for individualised cognitive, practical and affective development, supported by peer-to-peer conversation. We will investigate this notion and compare it with the perceived training needs of experienced teacher trainers as expressed [...]

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IATEFL 2020 TTEd SIG PCE- Sue Garton

Would you like to learn about another speaker for our upcoming IATEFL TTEd SIG Pre Conference Event? Please cheer for Sue Garton who will be giving a talk titled: "The Use of Materials in Pre-service Teacher Education" Here is the abstract of her talk: The use of materials is often cited as a neglected in teacher education, and yet all teachers use materials and most rely on published coursebooks in their teaching. In this talk we will look some of the ways in which pre-service teacher educators can prepare future teachers to be informed and critical users of ELT materials. [...]

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