The changing face of teacher education by Tom Garside

Date and Time:2pm GMT on Saturday 31 October, 2020   The changing face of teacher education Teacher education has been affected significantly by the current global situation. However, the effects of Covid-19 build on earlier developments in training methodologies, consolidating emerging trends within the field. Blended and online-only modes of training courses facilitate greater use of learning technologies, and enable greater global access for teachers working in diverse contexts around the world, so teacher educators need to take on new roles to work effectively within these new contexts. This workshop will present some emerging trends within initial and continuing training [...]

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Tools and Techniques for delivering training online

Date: Saturday 30th May Time: 2 pm GMT Speaker: Russell Stannard Talk info In this Russell will highlight the key tools and techniques needed to deliver effective and efficient online teacher training courses. Focusing on only the key technologies, Russell will highlight how he has managed to run successful online courses both as part of NILE as well as within his own organisation www.teachertrainingvideos.com. A talk packed full of ideas covering not only the delivery of online teacher training courses but also issues such as assessment, feedback, group dynamics and much more. Bio Russell Stannard is the founder of www.teachertrainingvideos.com a website that [...]

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Supporting teachers who use textbooks to ‘think curricularly’

Date: Saturday 14th March Time: 4pm GMT Speaker: Kathleen Graves Title: Supporting teachers who use textbooks to 'think curricularly'   Abstract: In this webinar we will explore how to help teachers who use a required textbook to ‘think curricularly’—to understand the dynamic relationship between lessons, units, and the wider curriculum, and the central role they play in making curriculum decisions on a daily basis.  We will first look at activities in which teachers unpack the relationship between lessons, units and the overarching curriculum—that they are ‘fractals’, each involving similar curriculum processes such as needs analysis, goal setting, organizing content, and assessment, but at different [...]

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Effective Monkey Management in the ELT Classroom

Date: Saturday 25th January Time: 3 pm GMT Speaker: Jaber Kamali  Title: Effective Monkey Management in the ELT Classroom Abstract: Nowadays, the significance of implementing a learner-centered approach to ELT classroom management is widely accepted (Waters, 1998). ‘Monkey management’ – the correct assignment of responsibility for the next step in a problem-solving process (Blanchard et al. 1990) –  is an important means of achieving this, however, has not received the attention it deserves. Thus, this webinar intends to put this concept into the spotlight. To this end, the webinar will start with elaborating on the monkey concept and its implication [...]

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Cancelled Webinar

Unfortunately, the webinar session entitled "Tools for trainees: How to help teachers in training identify their learners’ weaknesses" which was originally planned for 25th January has had to be cancelled. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

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Using classroom observation to understand and improve teaching and learning: Moving from the performative to the informative

Date:Saturday 16th November Time:2pm GMT Speaker: Matthew O'Leary Title: ‘Using classroom observation to understand and improve teaching and learning: moving from the performative to the informative’ Recent research has revealed that assessment-based models of observation can often be a deterrent to developing innovations in classroom practice, provoking counterproductive consequences and ultimately failing to improve the quality of teaching and learning. This raises the question, how best might we make use of observation to further our understanding of teaching and learning and subsequently improve what teachers and students do? This talk will focus on the work I have been involved in at Birmingham [...]

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Planning, managing and implementing INSETT programmes with experienced teachers in mind

IATEFL TTEd SIG is really looking forward to hosting Gabriel Diaz Maggiole for his webinar on 25th May. Topic: "Planning, managing and implementing INSETT programmes with experienced teachers in mind." In this webinar we will use a "backward design" mind frame to explore how to plan, manage and implement professional development of experienced teachers. These are a curious crew as they may sometimes feel that, given their expertise, they have not much more to learn. We will address current challenges and explore potential solutions while opening up options for these teachers to really thrive and embrace their passion. Bio Gabriel [...]

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CPD for New Teacher Trainers

Date: Saturday 9th March at 2pm GMT Presenter: Marisa Constantinides Description: From teacher to teacher educator is a career move that many teachers find themselves contemplating and/or pursuing, some as a natural next step to their ELT career and some as a result of relevant studies at postgraduate level. Once ‘in the field’ though, there is little there to help the new/novice trainer with their continuous professional development. In this talk, I hope to share some ideas and available resources to help new trainers who may feel isolated and lack opportunities for further development in their local context. You can have access [...]

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Online Task Design for Teacher Trainers

Online education is increasingly popular in the world of ELT, and one of the first areas it really arrived was in teacher education. From initial teacher training courses to in-service development and workshops, it is more and more common for this to occur in the online space. Teacher trainers are also increasingly being asked to create forum tasks, modules, webinars and other online activities as a key part of their work. This workshop looks at principles and practical ideas in task design for online teacher education. Bio: Lindsay Clandfield is an award-winning writer, teacher, teacher trainer and international speaker in the [...]

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Finding Your Feet as a Celta Tutor: Tips, Tricks and Words of Warning for Newbie Trainers

ABSTRACT: Celta courses are often described in colourful terms by the people who pay good money to take part in them, but what is it like for the trainers? More particularly, how can you become a Celta tutor, how can you get through the approval process, and how can you not only survive, but actually enjoy, your first Celta training year? Join Anthony Gaughan as he provides answers to these questions, tips and tricks to make your training life less stressful, and some cautionary tales to help you avoid trouble. BIODATA: Anthony Gaughan has been an ELT professional since 1995. [...]

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