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2 Mar 2019

CPD for New Teacher Trainers

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Date: Saturday 9th March at 2pm GMT

Presenter: Marisa Constantinides


From teacher to teacher educator is a career move that many teachers find themselves contemplating and/or pursuing, some as a natural next step to their ELT career and some as a result of relevant studies at postgraduate level. Once ‘in the field’ though, there is little there to help the new/novice trainer with their continuous professional development. In this talk, I hope to share some ideas and available resources to help new trainers who may feel isolated and lack opportunities for further development in their local context.

You can have access to her talk here


Marisa is a TEFL Teacher Educator and runs CELT Athens, a Teacher Development centre based in Athens, Greece. She trains teachers face-to-face as well as online; her courses include the Cambridge CELTA and DELTA (which she also offers online) and a new range of Moodle courses on ICT for ELT, ELT Management and Young Learners. She is a founding moderator of the ELTons finalist #ELTchat on Twitter. She has worked on the IATEFL LTSIG committee and volunteered as a workshop organiser on a variety of TESOL EVO’s. She is on Twitter as Marisa_C.


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