CPD for New Teacher Trainers

Date: Saturday 9th March at 2pm GMT Presenter: Marisa Constantinides Description: From teacher to teacher educator is a career move that many teachers find themselves contemplating and/or pursuing, some as a natural next step to their ELT career and some as a result of relevant studies at postgraduate level. Once ‘in the field’ though, there is little there to help the new/novice trainer with their continuous professional development. In this talk, I hope to share some ideas and available resources to help [...]

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Online Task Design for Teacher Trainers

Online education is increasingly popular in the world of ELT, and one of the first areas it really arrived was in teacher education. From initial teacher training courses to in-service development and workshops, it is more and more common for this to occur in the online space. Teacher trainers are also increasingly being asked to create forum tasks, modules, webinars and other online activities as a key part of their work. This workshop looks at principles and practical ideas in [...]

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Finding Your Feet as a Celta Tutor: Tips, Tricks and Words of Warning for Newbie Trainers

ABSTRACT: Celta courses are often described in colourful terms by the people who pay good money to take part in them, but what is it like for the trainers? More particularly, how can you become a Celta tutor, how can you get through the approval process, and how can you not only survive, but actually enjoy, your first Celta training year? Join Anthony Gaughan as he provides answers to these questions, tips and tricks to make your training life less [...]

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