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1 Feb 2020

Supporting teachers who use textbooks to ‘think curricularly’

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Date: Saturday 14th March

Time: 4pm GMT

Speaker: Kathleen Graves

Title: Supporting teachers who use textbooks to ‘think curricularly’



In this webinar we will explore how to help teachers who use a required textbook to ‘think curricularly’—to understand the dynamic relationship between lessons, units, and the wider curriculum, and the central role they play in making curriculum decisions on a daily basis.  We will first look at activities in which teachers unpack the relationship between lessons, units and the overarching curriculum—that they are ‘fractals’, each involving similar curriculum processes such as needs analysis, goal setting, organizing content, and assessment, but at different scales.  We will then look at activities in which teachers analyze textbook curriculum content in order to understand how a curriculum reflects particular views of language and how people learn it.  Finally, we will look at activities in which teachers use their understanding of the curriculum as a whole to make decisions about how to use the textbook to meet the needs of their particular learners.


Kathleen Graves is Clinical Professor of Education at the University of Michigan where she teaches courses in educational linguistics, curriculum development, and educational inquiry. She has worked on curriculum renewal, materials development and language teacher education in the US, Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil and Japan.  Her research focuses on how a language curriculum is designed and enacted, the role of materials in curriculum and teacher education, and teachers’ engagement in curriculum renewal. She is the co-author of two global ELT coursebook series, East West and Icon, and the editor/author of three books on language curriculum development.  She is the co-editor of International perspectives on materials in ELT (with Sue Garton) and co-author of Teacher Development Over Time (with Tessa Woodward and Donald Freeman).

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