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From the Desk of Coordinator:

Dear TTEd SIG member,

On behalf of the Teacher Training and Education SIG we'd like to welcome you as a new or renewing member. We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the benefits of your TTEd SIG membership.

We generally produce three newsletters per year, two are in print form and one is an electronic newsletter. The newsletter keeps members up-to-date in the field and offers them an opportunity to publish their work in a less formal style than an academic journal. You are invited and encouraged to contribute to our newsletter, sharing your ideas, experience, questions and research about working in teacher education. If you would like to contribute, please send your ideas to our editor, Gabriel Diaz Maggioli diazmagg@newschool.edu. TTEd SIG members throughout the world are interested in learning about YOUR work, and to learn from YOUR experiences.

TTEd SIG members throughout the world are interested in learning about YOUR work, and to learn from YOUR experiences. As a member of the TTEd SIG you have access to our website. Here you can see online versions of past newsletter articles, discussion list summaries and links to other articles on a range of teacher training topics.

Details of the IATEFL Conference in Liverpool 2013 can be found on the main IATEFL website. As part of the IATEFL annual conference we also offer a programme of particular interest to TTEd SIG members on one of the conference days. Recent hot topics have included: different stakeholders' perceptions about professional FL teaching; use of web to bring together teachers from different countries for INSETT; practical ideas for effective observation feedback; use of video for teacher development; using e-learning for teacher training and CPD; the different 'worlds' of ELT; the journey from teaching to teacher training; and easy-to-implement ways for teachers and trainers to develop themselves. During the conference, TTEd SIG also holds an Open Forum which is a great opportunity for members to meet each other and the committee, for the committee to introduce ourselves and talk about action plans. Why not think about joining us in Liverpool in 2013 for the 48th Annual IATEFL Conference?

As a member of the TTEd SIG you are invited to be active in the TTEd SIG Committee. The Committee is made up of volunteer members who care enough to keep the SIG going. We hold elections for Committee Members every two years. Please make sure your voice is heard, and please consider taking on one of the Committee posts in the future. If you have any queries or are interested in helping the SIG in some way do get in touch. Thank you for making the TTEd SIG your SIG!

Birsen Tutunis IATEFL TTEd SIG Coordinator, Email TTEd SIG Coordinator


The TTEd SIG aims to serve and represent the interests of its members and to enhance their professional development. It achieves these aims in the following ways:

bullet by putting together a programme of specialised talks and workshops for teacher trainers and educators at the annual conference.

bullet by organising an OPEN FORUM at the annual IATEFL conference to discuss current issues in teacher training and education, and to report on the SIG's business matters.

bullet by planning a series of talks for the SIG symposium held every two years.

bullet by organising workshops and conferences in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

bullet by producing 3 newsletters a year on current themes in teacher training and education.

bullet by acting as a forum for networking within the profession.

Although the annual conference is an ideal opportunity for trainers world-wide to share their ideas, thoughts, preoccupations, the TTEd SIG seeks to establish contact with trainers and educators in their own contexts.

The committee is elected every two years. Details of committee membership can be obtained from the IATEFL office. The TTEd SIG committee welcomes news, suggestions and offers to organise events with our help and support.We are a large and thriving SIG, generating a lot of interest world-wide. If you are interested in finding out more about the SIG, contact us.

Why should I join the TTEd SIG?

bullet A programme of specialised talks and workshops for teacher trainers and educators at the Annual Conference.

bullet Workshops and conferences both in the UK and abroad, with reduced rates for IATEFL members.

bullet Three newsletters a year on current themes in teacher training and education - these help you to keep in touch with developments in the profession.

bullet A forum for networking: meeting and corresponding with others in the profession, at events, via the newsletters, the Webpages, the private discussion list etc.

bullet An opportunity to share your experience and contribute your expertise to a wide cross-section of the profession.

bullet A means of demonstrating to current and future employers your commitment to the profession, both through being a member of the SIG and through your participation in IATEFL conferences, workshops etc aimed especially at teacher trainers and educators.

Our Mission:

The Teacher Training and Education SIG in IATEFL serves the professional development and networking needs of English Language Teachers of Teachers (ToTs) around the world and contributes to the profession via publications, events and other initiatives aimed at fostering quality teacher education in English.

Our Vision:

The Teacher Training and Education SIG in IATEFL provides leadership in the process, content and product of English Language Teacher Education and is the "point of contact" for those entering the profession, as well as those with more experience as Teacher of Teachers (ToTs).