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We are excited to publish our new monthly Teachers’ Lounge events.  These are one hour chats and discussions on a topic each month via Zoom.  You should register with IATEFL and they will send you the Zoom link via email.

TTEd SIG Events

The IATEFL TTEd SIG aims to serve and represent the interests of teacher trainers and educators all over the world in order to enhance professional development. One of the ways it seeks to achieve these aims is by organising various events, Pre Conference Programme before IATEFL annual conference, SIG Day during the conference, and workshops and conference in association with other SIGs, Teacher associations, and IATEFL associates.

TTEd SIG PCE, Online, 2021


TTEd SIG PCE, Liverpool, 2019

TTEd SIG PCE, 2018

TTEd SIG PCE, Glasgow, 2017

TTEd SIG Pre-Conference Event: 10.00 to 16.30, Monday, 3 April 2017

Dochart 2, Scottish Event Campus (SEC), Glasgow G3 8YW, Scotland

How to plan, deliver and evaluate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for teachers

Many ELT institutions provide professional development programmes to their teachers.In this interactive PCE, we will reflect on ways of:• Planning effective programmes through various means including conducting needs analyses

• Discussing the range of channels and activities available

• Delivering programmes effectively

• Reviewing how to evaluate programmes.

The day will include the chance to find out about the role of teacher educators within Teaching for Success, the British Council’s approach to teacher education and development, and how that has worked in practice in teacher education projects in Nepal.In the final session of the day, you will be able to explore in more detail any aspect of the PCE that is particularly relevant to you.

PCE speakers and facilitators:Rhona Brown (Head of Programmes, British Council, Nepal),

Fiona Dunlop (Academic Director, Wimbledon School of English, UK),George Pickering (IATEFL Trustee),Silvana Richardson (Head of Teacher Development, Bell, UK),Damian Ross (Global Support Manager, British Council Teaching for Success)So if you are a pre- service or in-service teacher trainer; teacher of teachers responsible for implementing CPD in your context our PCE will bring up much food for thought. See you there.

All are welcome!

Birsen Tutunis IATEFL TTEd SIG Coordinator, email [email protected]

IATEFL TTED SIG International Conference at Gaziantep, 22-26 April, 2015

We are pleased to announce the IATEFL TTED SIG International Conference “The Journey from Input to Interaction in English Language Learning”, to be held at Gaziantep 22-26 April, 2015. Our desire is to provide the grounds for a large number of scholars and presenters in our field to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the past and present ideas and practices in English Language Teaching and Learning. Gaziantep University will host the event in an excellent venue located in the southern part of Turkey.


We plan to cover all the hot ıssues concerning a foreign language acquisition and learning with the topics:

Applied Linguistics and Language Education

Language Learning and Acquisition

Approaches and Methods in English Language Education

Materials Development in English Language Education

Culture and Literature in English Education

Early English Language Education

English for Academic Purposes

Language Testing and Evaluation

Life-long Language Learning

Multimedia and ICT in English Education

Teacher Training and Education

English as an International Language

Intercultural Communication

Language Policy

Distance Language Education

Translation Studies & Language Teaching

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Dr. S. KRASHEN

Elena Bins ( TPR)

Blaine Ray ( TPRS)

Prof. Dr Miroslaw Pawlak

Prof. Dr. Richard Smith

Prof. Dr. Birsen Tütüniş

We hope to fulfil the participants’ expectations of food for thought. We also promise to offer you a great time in Gaziantep with excursions and wonderful food for your taste. So, Teacher candidates, Teachers, Teacher Trainers/ Educators, Researchers and scholars!! COME AND JOIN US to OUR JOURNEY of our QUEST for PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Gaziantep, in April 22-26, 2015.

Important Dates:

Abstract Deadline : January 25, 2015

Final Registration : April 22, 2015

Full Article Deadline : June 30, 2015

For registration please visit here

For Presentation papers visit here

Birsen Tutunis IATEFL TTEd SIG Coordinator, email [email protected]

TTEd SIG PCE, Manchester 2015


Based on 2014 Harrogate TTEd PCE feedback, 2015 Manchester PCE aims to provide participants with an updated view of various issues in the field of teacher training. Our PCE theme is:-

Exploring Trainee and Trainer Beliefs and Practices

It is now well-established that ELT professionals’ beliefs influence both how they learn and how they behave and in teacher training and education contexts the beliefs of trainees and trainers will thus interact in defining the impact that the training has. In this interactive event we will investigate how beliefs impinge on teacher training and education and how attending to beliefs can enhance our work as teacher trainers and educators. In the first part of the day we will focus on trainees’ beliefs, on how they shape trainee learning, and on specific strategies trainers can use to understand trainees’ beliefs; in the second part of the day the focus will be on the beliefs that trainers have and how these influence their work. Throughout the day, the focus will be on critically reflective discussion and debate through which participants will be encouraged to make explicit and challenge their own beliefs about and practices in language teacher education. Discussion will be supported with input that draws on contemporary research and theory in the field of teacher education.

The facilitator will be Professor Simon Borg , who is well-known internationally for his work on language teachers’ beliefs- see


In addition to Simon’s sessions, a slot will be allocated to TTEd SIG Committee members in which the same issues will be looked into from different perspectives.

So if you are a pre- service or in-service teacher trainer; teacher of teachers responsible for implementing curricular reforms in your context; or an aspiring teacher willing to become a teacher trainer, we believe our PCE at Manchester will bring up much food for thought. We will be pleased to see you there.

All are welcome!

Birsen Tutunis IATEFL TTEd SIG Coordinator, email [email protected]

TTEd SIG Events Webinars

We are delighted to inform you that our first webinar will be held on Monday 13 October at 13.30 (BST).


Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken will talk about ”Professional Development and Self-assessment: the EPG and the EAQUALS TDFRAM

In this webinar Deniz will look at two recent professional development and self assessment tools: the European Profiling Grid (EPG) and the EAQUALS Teacher Training and Development Framework (TDFRAM). Deniz will briefly discuss the key principles behind the tools and how we can make use of them as teachers, trainers and managers.

Colleagues who will be joining the webinar are invited to visit the following websites to refer to the EPG and the TDFRAM documents:

For information on Dr. Kurtoglu Eken’s professional activities, presentations and publications, please visit her website at:

Please visit this link to attend this webinar and keep an eye on IATEFL’s web events and webinars page for future events.

Come and join us!

IATEFL TTEdSIG Committee. [email protected]

TTEd SIG Events, 2011-13

2012 was an active year for TTEd SIG. We were involved in several events in different parts of the world ( Beijing – China, Hyderabad- India) and we organized a symposium in Istanbul. Our PCE at Glasgow was a success. The theme for 2012 TTEd SIG PCE was “TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION WORLDWIDE: SHARING EXPERIENCES”.

2013 was another active year for TTEd SIG. We were involved in several events in different parts of the world, and our PCE at Liverpool was a success. Our Newsletters reached our members, our Facebook account/ blog are very active.Our Harrogate 2014 PCE was also a success with our celebrity speaker TESSA WOODWARD.

Our Manchester PCE was also a great success with our session leader Professor Simon Borg, University of Leeds, UK.

TTEd SIG Events Blog

TTEd SIG Events Blog here for the latest inofrmation about the SIG events

TTEd SIG PCE, Harrogate 2014


2013 was an active year for TTEd SIG. We were involved in several events in different parts of the world (Beijing- China, Mugla – Turkey) and our PCE at Liverpool was a success. Our Newsletters reached our members, our Facebook account/ blog are very active and we are working very hard to make Harrogate 2014 PCE a great success with our celebrity speaker TESSA WOODWARD who will be with us all day long. We invite you to attend TTEd PCE at Harrogate:Tessa

“The Basics and Beyond: A day of trainer development”

The day will be lead by Tessa Woodward, the founder of this SIG, and will alternate 30 minute slots of presentation with 45 minute slots of group work and discussion so that participants can learn from each other and make sure that the day is relevant to their own needs. The topics floated in Tessa’s part of the day will include:

-Establishing communication and terminology with teacher trainers, teacher educators, and mentors in differing settings,

-Core roles and tasks,

-Different ways of doing our core tasks, building a repertoire of process options,

-Different supervisory models and how these affect terminology, core tasks and process options,

-Teacher observation sheets analysed according to supervisory model,

After lunch, in the session open to IATEFL TTEd SIG committee members, Burcu Tezcan will give a choice of one out of the following two topics:

-1. To alleviate the anxiety of those unused to spending a day with low or no new technology, she will offer a stand-alone session on: ‘Learning technologies and affective elements of language teaching from TT perspective’

-2. Alternatively, she will offer a set of case studies/scenarios for participants to discuss. These will be based on real live notes gathered, with permission, and kept anonymously, from observations conducted over the last three years at her institution.

‘Discussion of teaching observation notes’

We will finish with

– Training session analysis.

All welcome!

Birsen Tutunis IATEFL TTEd SIG Coordinator, email [email protected]

TTEd SIG Events, 2011-13

TTEd SIG in NAFLE, China in 2011 Details here.

TTEd SIG in TEC12, Hyderabad, India in 2012 Details here.

TTEd SIG Symposium, Istanbul in 2012 Details here.

TTEd SIG PCE, Liverpool in 2013 Details will be available here.

TTEd SIG Conference, Mugla, Turkey in 2013 Details will be available here.