E-Bulletin September 2020

Save the Date: TTEdSIG Open Forum We organized an Open Forum to update our members as well as potential TTEdSIG members. It will take place on October 17, 2020, on Saturday at 2 pm BST. We will start by informing you how to register. Please visit: https://tinyurl.com/TTEdOpenForum  The aims of our meeting is to introduce the TTEdSIG committee members and get to know other TTEdSIG members, to inform them about what the SIG has been doing in the past 18 months and to discuss possibilities for future activities. The Open Forum will have an interactive, caring and sharing kind of [...]

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E-Bulletin July 2020

TTEd Webinar links and other resources Our members can reach webinar recordings and newsletters by logging onto the main IATEFL website and clicking on the Resources tab followed by the SIG resources tab. We have held webinars with highly renowned names in our field including Anthony Gaughan, Lindsay Clanfield, Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, Marisa Constantinides, Kathleen Graves, and Russell Stannard. We will be organising a new series as of November 2020 with four new speakers in the new academic season. Save the Date TTEd SIG has been invited to join the LAMSIG Panel on Teacher Training July 24, @10 BST. So, [...]

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E-Bulletin May 2020

TTEd Webinar-  Tools and Techniques for delivering training online by Russell Stannard - May 30th  2020 In this session, Russell will highlight the key tools and techniques needed to deliver effective and efficient online teacher training courses. Focusing on only the key technologies, Russell will highlight how he has managed to run successful online courses both as part of NILE as well as within his own organisation www.teachertrainingvideos.com. A talk packed full of ideas covering not only the delivery of online teacher training courses but also issues such as assessment, feedback, group dynamics and much more. Join us on May [...]

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E-Bulletin March 2020

TTEd Manchester 2020 PCE: ‘Trends in teacher training: The needs of trainers in different contexts.’  TTEdSIG members and guests can look forward to a day of engaging topics covering the latest trends in teacher training.  The wide range of themes brought by the impressive group of speakers assembled for the day’s event will help trainers to apply new insights into the particular needs and contexts of their training realities. Five well-known members of the ELT community – Penny Ur, Sue Garton, Kathleen Graves, Russell Stannard and Briony Beaven – will share their knowledge, experience and thoughts with teacher trainers and [...]

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E-Bulletin February 2020

Are you following us yet? We now have new-look Facebook and Twitter pages to celebrate our recent facelift! Follow us and join the conversations to keep up with all things TTEd-related. March Webinar Kathleen Graves will be presenting our next webinar on Saturday 14th March at 4pm GMT with a session entitled: Supporting teachers who use textbooks to 'think curricularly'.  In this webinar we will explore how to help teachers who use a required textbook to ‘think curricularly’—to understand the dynamic relationship between lessons, units, and the wider curriculum, and the central role they play in making curriculum decisions on [...]

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E-Bulletin December 2019

TTEd Manchester 2020 PCE  TTEdSIG event coordinators have put together a great programme for our members and TTEd enthusiasts featuring the topic of ‘Trends in teacher training: The needs of trainers in different contexts.’  Our updated abstract is as follows: TTEdSIG invites trainers from around the world to a day filled with engaging topics on current trends in teacher training, as we aim to help trainers apply new insights into the particular needs and constraints of their training contexts. This year’s PCE is featuring five prominent members of our ELT community, Penny Ur, Sue Garton, Kathleen Graves, Russell Stannard and [...]

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E-Bulletin November 2019

November Webinar We are looking forward to our first webinar of the 2019/20 season on Saturday 16th November at 2pm GMT.  Dr. Matt O´Leary will be presenting his research on classroom observation with a webinar entitled: Using classroom observation to understand and improve teaching and learning: moving from the performative to the informative. Matt is Professor of Education and Director of the Education Research Centre CSPACE at Birmingham City University. If you’d like to join us, there is no need to register. Just sign into our TTEdSIG webinar room as a guest on the day. Here’s the link: TTEd Webinar [...]

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Call for Best Practices

TTEdSIG’s Call for Best Practices We are looking for trainers and educators to describe and share their best training practices with the SIG which we will publish on our website. We are looking for articles that are up to  500 words in length and would be suitable for a worldwide audience. If you are interested, could you please send an email to [email protected]  and we can provide you with more details?   Suggested Template (up to 500 words) Objectives (of the activity): Materials: Procedure (including stages and allocated time): Name of the contributor:  Institution: PS: it is possible to opt [...]

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E-Bulletin July 2019

Upcoming Webinar Season TTEdSIG is currently scheduling the post-summer launch of our 2019/2020 Webinar series. SIG members can look forward to a wide range of topics in this upcoming season. This year an eclectic range of guest speakers will be guiding us through the latest theories, issues and tips covering the gamut from “Rethinking Lesson Observations” and “Feedback & Coaching Techniques for Teacher Trainers” to “Developing Teacher Training Materials” and more. Do keep an eye out for your invitation to the first webinar of the new series here, and let us know if you have any requests around webinar topics! [...]

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An interview with TTEd SIG coordinator, Burcu Tezcan-Unal at IATEFL

On April 4, 2019, Maria Araxi Sachpazian interviewed Burcu. The interview is mainly about the SIG and its revamp with the new logo, calling for members to engage in SIG activities more actively and the difference between TTEd and TD SIGs, which is an age old question. You can access the video here.

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