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2 Mar 2019

Finding Your Feet as a Celta Tutor: Tips, Tricks and Words of Warning for Newbie Trainers

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ABSTRACT: Celta courses are often described in colourful terms by the people who pay good money to take part in them, but what is it like for the trainers? More particularly, how can you become a Celta tutor, how can you get through the approval process, and how can you not only survive, but actually enjoy, your first Celta training year?

Join Anthony Gaughan as he provides answers to these questions, tips and tricks to make your training life less stressful, and some cautionary tales to help you avoid trouble.

BIODATA: Anthony Gaughan has been an ELT professional since 1995. He has been a Celta Main Course Tutor for 14 years (working on approx. 100 Celta courses with around 1200 trainees), a Cambridge English-approved Celta Assessor for 11 years, and  a Delta M2 tutor, as well as working as an online tutor for the Trinity DipTESOL. He is a trained UK state-school teacher and is a former Head of Celta training at the Hamburg School of English (DE634). Anthony is also known for taking a Dogme-ELT approach to Celta training. He is a former Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TDSIG) Co-ordinator and currently serves on the IATEFL Membership and Marketing Committee.